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San Gregorio Beach California - Aerial

This stunning beach is located in San Gregoria California about 10 miles south of Half Moon Bay. The San Gregorio Creek flows down to the beach and pools before creating an exit route through the sand. At times this lagoon will fill most of the cove. This is really cool. Birds can be spotted at this beach. The cliffs offer a nice vantage point for whale watching. Logs and driftwood pile up in places all around the lagoon and along the beach. South of the creek, the beach stretches for over a mile below rugged cliffs behind me. The Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portolà's expedition camped at the beach to rest and treat their sick in 1769, during their (failed) attempt to reach Monterey Bay. They would go on to discover San Francisco Bay instead. Swimming anyone? I would not swim here the surf is rough and full of rip tides.

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